Having a Baby at an Older Age Has Worked Well for Us


I have read of a lot of articles that state that women are waiting until they get much older now to have children. That’s what helped me and my husband decide to have our first child at an older age. But because my body is no longer as young as it used to be, I have made sure to see a Carmichael chiropractor to keep me feeling my best during my first pregnancy. He got me through it without much fanfare, and it is good that I was able to get through the whole thing much more easily than I could without help. I’m not sure what I would have done without him.

When I was young, I used to hear a lot of people talk about the fact that you should never have a child in your 40s because of all sorts of different health problems that can come about for your child. But research has shown us that that’s not exactly true. While many women find that they may not be able to become pregnant in their forties, most children born to women of this age are born very healthy and go on the lead wonderful, healthy lives. I made sure to talk to my own doctor about it, and she gave me the full green light to get pregnant when I was 48 years old.

We have a healthy and bright child now. Both my husband and I agree that we were not ready for a child when we were in our twenties or even our thirties. In our twenties, we were much too immature. In our thirties, we were working hard on our careers. It was only when we reached our forties that we realized that we wanted to have children, and we started to do research on it. Well, since we are both older and needed to do things a little differently than someone who is only 20 years old and pregnant, it is not impossible to have a great pregnancy when you are in your 40s at all.

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